1. visualizingmath:

    Geometric Mural of  Makkah al-Mukarramah

    A Germany-based Egyptian architect named Ahmed Al.Badawy created this fascinating project, “Al.Mualla Cemetery Mural/A Matter of Life and Death” which won the First Prize at the First Islamic Competition for ornamenting Mecca (Makkah al-Mukarramah), Saudi Arabia.

    The artwork is composed of geometric shapes called Girih tiles. Girih tiles are a set of five tiles that were used in the creation of tiling patterns for decoration of buildings in Islamic architecture. They were used throughout most of the Islamic architectural styles. The shapes of the tiles are as follows: a regular decagon, an elongated (irregular convex) hexagon, a shape similar to a bow-tie (non-convex hexagon), a rhombus, and a regular pentagon.

    Girih Tiling

    In 2007, Peter J. Lu of Harvard University published a paper suggesting that Girih tiling possessed properties consistent with self-similar fractal quasicrystalline tiling!

    The Al.Mualla Cemetery Mural is a great example of how, through geometry, astonishingly beautiful artwork can be created.